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We are dedicated to providing film, print or news crews access to the water and everything that goes with it. We have a safe, comfortable and efficient workboats crewed by Coast Guard licensed professionals ready to go on moment’s notice. If you want a certain kind of boat or maritime location for your shoot, we can help you find it. Our services include:

  • Marine location services in and around NY Harbor, its waterways and waterfront, including the East River, the Hudson River, Coney Island, City Island, Long Island Sound, Long Beach, Sandy Hook, Fire Island and beyond.

  • Stable, well-equipped and comfortable workboats for crews to shoot on. Our main chase boat can take up to six passengers, has space for gear, a working galley and head and is Wi-Fi ready.

  • A scouting/referral service that will secure production shoots any type of vessel from jet skis and kayaks to mega motor yachts and classic sail boats.

Shooting reality show by Statue of Liberty.

Shooting reality show by Statue of Liberty.